What is the white deposit on my pool tile?

Answer: Calcium scale (hard water build up) Calcium is a natural occurring mineral found in water. Here in the Desert Southwest the water is considered "hard"  because it contains high
levels of calcium and magnesium. When you visit Lake Mead you notice the white line around the mountains where the water level used to be, that white line is calcium the same as the
calcium buildup you see around your pool tile.  Hard water builds up on the pool tile where the air and the water meet when evaporation occurs.  The mineral deposits left on the pool tile
begin to accumulate and build up causing the white line to appear.

How do I prevent the calcium scale from building up on my pool tile?

Answer:  Unfortunately there is no miracle solution to add to your pool to prevent the buildup but you can take certain steps to reduce or slow down the accumulation of hard water
deposits around your pool tile, natural stone, artificial stone, slate, Pebble Tec or other pool surfaces is by scrubbing where the pool water meets these surfaces regularly, keep your pool
water chemically balanced, Keep pool water levels constant so the buildup is a one inch ordeal not a 6 inch one. Drain the pool completely and fill with fresh water every 3 - 5 years.

Is there a way to remove hard water build up on a Pebble Tec salt water pool?

Answer:  When you start to notice a build up occurring on your Pebble Tec salt water pool you should take action before it gets out of control. Some things you can do is use a pumice
stone or muriatic acid to remove the buildup but keep in mind that muriatic acid can be dangerous to use, can cause burns and can also change the chemical balance of your pool.  You
can also use a pumice stone but take care not to permanently scratch the pool surfaces you are scrubbing.  Once any buildup is too thick for you to treat yourself you should call a
professional company  to remove the hard water build up in order to preserve your pool surfaces because calcium is corrosive and can permanently damage your pool tile or other pool

Can I use acid to remove the hard water build up?

Answer: Acid is very caustic, can burn you and will most likely change the chemical balance of your pool. So yes, you can use it if the calcium buildup is just a very thin layer but if the
buildup is more substantial, acid would not be the best choice to remove the hard water build up.

Can I remove the hard water build up with a pumice stone?

Answer: Yes, but keep in mind these blocks can crumble easily  when you use them and if these chunks get into the pool pump gears it can cause damage.  Pumice stones can also
scratch the surfaces you are scrubbing leaving a sanded surface that calcium will more easily adhere to making next cleaning even harder.  Also keep in mind that Cleaning with a
pumice stone will be very hard work and may take several days to finish the job.

How long does it take POOL TILE PROS! To clean my pool tile?

Answer: That all depends on the amount of build up on you pool tile and the size of your pool.  In most cases the average pool takes 3-4 hours to clean the pool tile.

After Pool Tile Pros cleans my pool tile what can I  do to prevent the hard water or calcium scale from building up on my pool tile again?

Answer:  Unfortunately the build up will occur again but you can slow it down by scrubbing the pool tile regularly, keeping the water level constant and keep the chemicals balanced in
your pool.  Also Pool Tile Pros can completely drain and refill your pool for a nominal charge so you can start with fresh water thereby extending the amount of time before calcium build
up becomes a problem again.  Pool Tile Pros is alway happy to answer any of your questions so feel free to call us anytime at 702-241-3189.
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